Graphics and IO

Graphics CardsYour Graphics Cards

On to every builders favourite part - adding the ultimate graphics cards to ensure your system ensures no lag and can run multiple monitors and programs simultaneously.

  • DP     - Display Port 1.2a (Supports 4K resolution with audio)
  • mDP  - Mini Display Port (Adaptors included with most graphics cards to interface with other display types)
  • HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface (Audio/Video interface)
  • VGA  - Video Graphics Array (Can support 1080p with no audio) 
  • DVI   - Digital Visual Interface (1920x1200@60Hz with single link)
  • Cuda Cores / Stream Processors - Useful when gauging the performance of a GPU, typically the more the better.
  • GDDR5 - Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory (A.K.A. VRAM, the more VRAM the greater the performance at higher resolutions)

Graphics Slot 1

Graphics Slot 2

Graphics Slot 3

Graphics Slot 4